Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Amelia & Laura - BFF Shootout :)

My little sister is such a ham when it comes to photos of herself. I think she just uses me for MySpace pictures!!

Anyway, Nate and I had a couple new locations we wanted to try out, so we called Amelia, who brought along her best friend.. A REAL ballerina! We did some shots of her at the end of the session in full tutu attire and everything. It was SO much fun walking down Park Avenue and watching people's reactions. :) My favorite shot of the day is the one of her feet with the 'No Dancing' sign below her. Total and utter coincidence!

Enjoy! :)

Yeah.. She gets it from me!


AS said...

What the...? Was that "No dancing" there or did you photoshop it in? WILD!

Sean said...

that 'no dancing' is an awesome shot!

Anonymous said...

Is amazing.

Lorie said...

It's amazing that you were actually able to make these two look sweet and innocent! Just kidding, love you Amelia :) Awesome pictures as always Jensey!!!