Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kolby 'Cheese' & Andrew!

I've known Kolby since we were this little:

I spent countless weekends camping, fishing, and four-wheeler riding with her family growing up! Kolby and I were best friends at first sight when we met during our older brothers' Boy Scouts meeting shortly after my family moved to Tennessee. She was my very first friend. The Boy Scouts would meet once a week at Germantown Presbytarian Church, which meant that Kolby and I were given the run of the place while our Moms were busy helping with the meeting. We spent most of the time sneaking downstairs to the pre-school rooms and rummaging through their stuff. While our friends were playing school at their homes, we were doing it in an actual classroom! Looking back now, I can't imagine what the teacher's reaction was the next morning seeing her pens put back a little differently, or maybe a 'lesson' we didn't have time to erase before rushing back to the meeting before my mom came to find us.

Kolby got married in that church last December to her beau, Andrew. It had been 5 years since we've seen each other, but it felt like I never left! Kolby wanted Nate and I to take pictures of her and Andrew in their wedding garb in the chapel, since we were unable to attend the wedding. Afterwards, we were planning on taking them to a local park, but when it started to rain, we hung around the church a bit more. It didn't take long before she and I were racing down the stairs to the pre-school classroom! Sadly enough, it's now become a storage area for the building, but the brightly painted walls were still there. Who would have thought almost 20 years later that we'd be back in that room with our husbands (ok, my almost husband!), and taking pictures there?

Anyway.. Here are some of my favorites that Nate and I got. I still can't believe the freckle-faced tomboy I spent most of my childhood with has turned into one of the most beautiful women I've ever known! Kolby Cheese, it was truly a pleasure.. I can't wait to see you again in December!! All our love to you and Andrew! :)

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robalo said...

please keep up posting in the blog! I love to read the stories and then check the photos! you have some fingers to write too! impressive!

i feel touched everytime i read a post. yeah.. "strange" dont know.... maybe i just feel identified with it.. or I wish I would be in their skin.. or yours... or i dont know.

you dont know who I am... but Ive been following your work for quite a while now! (yours and nates)
now i am more... well... lets say just more... :( ..... and i felt like posting a comment!

keep up the good job guys. i just love your enthusiasm and joy in your work...
hug and kiss