Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Shortly after Christmas, some of the family came up to stay at a real dude ranch not to far from us, so we got to meet up for an afternoon.

Once I found out they were staying at a dude ranch, my mind was racing with hopes of being a part of a real-life version from Hey Dude. :)

Not surprisingly, it was quite different from the tv show, and it was more of a glorified cabin rental place with horseback riding, fishing, and archery thrown in. Anyway, the kids had a blast, and this is what we were greeted with as we were driving in- our 3 sisters hanging on a fence in Twilight shirts. It made me crazy happy (minus the Twilight shirts.)

While the gentlemen fished...
... We ladies chatted. :)
I was never raised with grandparents, and one of my favorite things about getting married was adopting such a great group of grandparents that love me like they've known me my whole life. :) This is Al, Nate's step-grandfather, whom I just adore.
Kat. :)
Austen being Austen. :)
This picture officially makes me miss being a kid.
Nate and his brothers & sisters. :) (And no, we didn't pose this...)
Next up: A really quick New Year's post, promise. :)

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