Monday, June 09, 2008

Cynthia & Shane : Wedding

*sigh.* The hardest thing for Nathan and I about working from home is setting hours for ourselves. We joke with people about staying up til 3am, but that's what we do. Of course, we sleep til noon so our day evens out with the rest of the world, but still. Since wedding season started, we've just been working nonstop... Which is really great for us! We've been talking for months about setting a 'real' schedule for ourselves with a bedtime and everything, because it's all fun and games until we have a morning engagement shoot!

Tonight we tried going to bed at midnight, but after 3 hours of "are you still awake?", we called it quits and will be pulling an all-nighter. I secretly love it because I'm a workaholic, but geeze. The good thing is I'm getting a few more precious working hours in to finish up a wedding and start on a couple more, and I'm blogging! Woohoo! So... Here we go. :)

Cynthia & Shane... Such a sweet, sweet couple! I could spend hours with Cynthia; She's such a goofy, adorable person, and WAY more gorgeous than she gives herself credit for. She was a true princess on her wedding day, tiara and all.

Oh, and did I mention she had a glass carriage?
Because she totally did. :)

Cynthia and I are kindred souls- creative perfectionists! She made these lovely programs from their engagement photos which I loooooooved.
Cynthia and Shane got married at Seabreeze Point at Disney's Boardwalk resort. It was so cool for us because we've shot so many engagements here!

I wanted to put this little one in my pocket & take her home with us!! :)
Some more carriage lovin'.

The reception was in the American Adventure building that you got to through this secret door I'd never seen before. I know, I'm such a dork, but I felt so VIP being there!

Quite possibly the coolest cake I've ever seen!!
Yet another reason to love these guys- we share the same 'song'! They danced to "Make Someone Happy" (the original), while ours is the version by Seal. :)
The cutest thank-you card ever. :)

The party moved outside after a while for Illuminations.

Everytime we do a Disney wedding, I can't help but get the "I can't believe this is our JOB" feeling all over again!
The bus driver who drove the guests back to the hotel- I worked with him in my Fantasyland days!! Such a small world... Ha!
Cynthia & Shane, we were honored to be a part of your day! We wish you the happiest of happily ever afters!


Michelle said...

Love the photos, as always! The carriage is amazing!!!

carlyandkyle said...

I love it!!! What a beautiful wedding and you captured it so well! I really love the picture of them with the bubbles. Can't wait to see what you do with us!

Ashton31 said...

Seems like a Fairy tale wedding! Beautiful Photographs!! Can't wait til' our wedding in May!!

Jensey! said...

Michelle - Thank you!!

Carly & Kyle - I'm excited to see how your wedding goes, too! :)

Ashton - Thank you!! :)

Daniella Koontz said...

I'd die to shoot a Disney wedding, they have to be perfect (this coming from a girl who grew up on Disney)

Jensey! said...

Hey Danielle! :)

I never get tired of Disney weddings.. Unfortunately, they have a no outside photographer rule going into effect for all weddings whose contracts are signed after October 1st. We could still shoot at the Resorts, but not in the park. :(