Friday, December 07, 2007

Marysa & Bruno - Wedding

Marysa and Bruno were friends for YEARS and only recently did they become a couple. Nathan and I shot their engagement session at Marysa's parents' home in Windermere where she grew up. When they started wedding planning, they had a big guestlist and gorgeous venue picked out. But they soon realize how a wedding at home, with only their closest friends and family, was the right thing for them. We're so happy to have been picked to share in such an intimate day. As much as I love photographing brides getting ready in fancy salons and gorgeous hotel rooms, there was something incredibly special about Marysa putting her wedding gown on next to her kindergarten-through-senior-year school photos on the wall! :)

The best thing about this wedding was all the time Marysa scheduled in for us to do a bridal shoot with her outside her parents' home. Her dress was timeless, and I just loved her classic look. Thank you to Marysa and Bruno for such a smooth wedding day, and an extra thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Carter for being such wonderful hosts and making us feel like part of your family!

I hope I look this flawless in February!!

I love the album-cover feel to this one:
I think she was a little excited to walk down that aisle... :)

If you look closely in this next one, you can see Marysa & Bruno kissing!

Marysa danced to 'Edelweiss' with her Daddy.

Cheers! :)


Daniella Koontz said...

Wait Feb? I thought your website said Dec 16th! If your wedding is in Feb, I feel stupid since I just wished you guys a happy wedding next week.

Nathan said...

Yep! We're doing things JUST how we want them, so February it is. :)

We'll definitely share some photos once all is said and done...we can't wait!

Michelle said...

These are great! The bride looks so beautiful.

jenseylove said...

Thanks, Michelle! She's stunning! :)