Friday, February 09, 2007

April & Josh - 2

This wedding felt like it was straight out of a Disney movie!! April and Josh got married at Rip Van Winkle Gardens in New Iberia, LA (about 3 hours from New Orleans). It was an elopement/destination wedding, because even though there were no guests, their families and friends knew about it. Nate and I were the only guests that day, and not only did we shoot the wedding, but I helped button the back of April's dress, signed the marriage certificate, and caught the bouquet! :) This was the only wedding that's ever made me cry; it was the most intimate, romantic event I've ever seen. Rip Van Winkle Gardens was just awesome.. We were able to take the couple to a Japanese tea house, a dock, field of daffodils, and bamboo tunnel.

The best thing about their wedding was that because there weren't group photos or a reception to rush off to, we were given unlimited time with the couple. It made all the difference, and the pictures really show it! Our deepest congratulations to April and Josh... It was an honor!


Anonymous said...

I am a friend of April and Josh's. I saw the amazing pictures that were taken by y'all. So, I had to come and check out your website. Every single picture looked like it could sell a picture frame, and April and Josh looked just like models. All I want to know is if y'all will come back to Louisiana when I get married. I think your pictures are amazing!
-Margaret Robinson

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!


Ashvini said...

dear friend:-) to visit ur page!!...n really within a second i fell in love with all those awsome n beautiful snaps which are full of emotions!!...after seeing all the nice images i feel like getting myself married now!!!:-)....great job done!! my heartiest wishes to you...n m sure..u've already got the blessings of all those couples whom u have made happier!!:-))...take care!!
- ashvini